Babushka Boutique

Babushka Boutique, a branch of the Slovenian concept store, opened its doors in the Croatian capital. The inspiration for interior design was found in vintage stories written by the boutique. The store shows unique stories of domestic and foreign artists who express themselves through their products. The result of interior design is a space in which all these stories come to life.

The boutique is located in an old town building in the old part of the city Zagreb. The space, which used to be business premises, was already empty at the beginning of the renovation. The uneven walls of the old building and the high ceiling with beams, which had to be lowered and closed, represented the challenge in the design process.

Retail Interior Design
Facility type: Public facilities
Client: Babushka Boutique
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Year: 2020
Surface area: 44 m2
Photographer:  Babushka Boutique
Interior design: Nina Galič inter. arch., Ana Jerše univ. dipl. inž. arh., Živa Lutman MFA Design, Tjaša Gerdej dipl. diz.

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The interior architects wanted to create a comfortable space where every visitor feels at home and can easily find something for themselves. The main guideline of the interior design was the visual image of Babushka Boutique. Pastel colours of the rainbow and floral patterns that appear on the unique wallpaper that Babushka Boutique has prepared for its branch, dominate the space. The representative pieces of restored old country furniture in white, natural and green tones give contrast to subtle colours and patterns. 

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Tables and cabinets give the store a timeless and unique look. Each piece of furniture in the store stands out and tells its own story, but at the same time, it allows the products to be presented in the best light. Wood, rattan lights and unique carpets add a domestic feeling and warmth to the room. The Prostornina team created a bright and spacious space.

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With the interior design of the shop, the architects wanted to show respect for handicrafts and the love for art that Babushka Boutique cultivates. The space is full of happiness, interesting memories and unique stories that take visitors into a world of dreams and imagination.

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Prostornina | Babushka Boutique, Retail interior design | Floor plan
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Engineering: IPC-inženjering d.o.o.
Carpentry: MPLES d.o.o
Restored furniture: Stilno pohištvo – Ferjan Polonca s.p.
Wallpaper and board: Promotor d.o.o.
Paving: EKO STIL
Lighting: TEMS-US

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