Zlati Klub Sauna

The Zlati Klub Sauna in Tivoli Park represents a green oasis of relaxation and a shift away from  Ljubljana city life. The interior was completely renovated in 2018, including construction works, mechanical installations, electrical installations and the interior design. The Prostornina team did the interior design for the reception area, reception desk, changing rooms, café and resting areas.

A sauna is a place of peace and rest. The main guideline in interior design was the idea that the visitor should leave their worries outside when entering through the front door. The boundary between the outdoor and indoor space is the reception area with its’ central element, an illuminated green wall, that stands out behind the reception desk. The wall is made of sandblasted glass that looks like a steam curtain from which tropical plants are showing through.

Wellness interior design
Facility type: Public facilities
Client:  Zlati Klub Sauna
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Year: 2018
Surface area: 250 m2
Photographer: Janez Marol
Interior design: Nina Galič inter. arch., Nina Bohte dipl. diz., Ana Jerše univ. dipl. inž. arh.

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The reception desk and the counter of the bar are designed as one and connect both rooms. This makes it easier to move from one part to another so one employee can take on both work tasks. At the end of the counter in the bar, there is a drinking fountain that is accessible to all visitors.

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The changing rooms are designed with privacy in mind and with intimate illumination. Round mirrors, footstools and lights create a feeling of softness and comfort and connect the small area between the cabinets into a welcoming space. The resting area is hidden behind the curtains and moved to a more peaceful part of the properties.

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The saunas elegant interior design is created by using ceramics, technical stone in the pattern of Bianco Carrara marble, wood and gold metal details of furniture. The plants in the interior add a touch of freshness and nature from the Park Tivoli.

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Electro installations: P​ROJEKTIVA Damjan Mršič s.p.
Mechanical installations: ​MP inženiring
Main contractor: ​LESNINA inženiring d.d.

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