Eko Stil

We have renovated the Eko Stil flooring showroom, which covers an area of 200 m2 in Ljubljana’s BTC.

Partial renovation efforts focused on replacing the flooring, precise planning, custom interior design, and developing the showroom concept.

Inspired by minimalism and nature, the interior design merges natural materials. A selection of carefully chosen furniture and thoughtfully designed elements fosters a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

A deliberate choice of materials and colors, inspired by nature, cultivates a relaxing and minimalist environment. This ambiance is achieved through the use of wood, organic shapes, microtopping, and natural leather.

Interior architecture of flooring showroom
Building type: EKO STIL d.o.o.
Client: Public client
Location: Ljubljana
Year: 2023
Surface area: 200 m2 
Photography: Katja Bidovec
Project authors: Nina Mei Gaiman, inter.arch., Živa Lutman MFA Design

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Thoughtfully chosen furniture and meticulously crafted elements foster a sense of balance and harmony. A conscious selection of naturally inspired materials and colors cultivates a serene and minimalist ambiance, showcased through the incorporation of wood, organic forms, micro topping, and natural leather.

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The showroom is designed to immediately present a visual division into three main product categories: vinyl, parquet, and textile floor coverings. The central element of the space is a uniquely designed sample holder, which, besides its function as a planter for a tree, also symbolizes the heart of the space and the nature that was the main inspiration.

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The reception and sales counter has been moved to the rear of the space, allowing products to be foregrounded and visible through the transparent front façade, attracting new customers. At the same time, it gives the sales staff a comprehensive overview of what is happening in the showroom. Next to the larger counter, there is a smaller additional counter – both designed as monoliths but softened by soft organic shapes.

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A partly veneered cabinet extends along the counters, providing full-length storage space for office documents and additional samples, while at the same time presenting design sophistication. The samples are arranged in such a way that visitors can browse independently and get to know them better.

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