WOOP! Karting

The most modern go-kart centre has opened its doors in one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreational and cultural centres in Europe, BTC City Ljubljana. Woop! Karting offers an entirely new adrenaline experience with unique LED lighting, the latest electric vehicle fleets, a rich activity program and additional hospitality offer combined with innovative furniture elements and space solutions. The integral space design, the interior and the lighting were planned by interior designers from Prostornina and the team from 360 KARTING designed the multi-level karting track.

The main guideline in design was the company’s visual identity, the industrial materials of the automotive industry and the speed and adrenaline of the karting scene. The CMYK colour palette of the company’s corporate design image, the metallic materials and the perforated meshes, the corrugated plastic, the dibond and the concrete predominate the interior. The connecting element of the karting arena is the neon lights that appear through the entire space, from the lighting effects on the track to the neon signs and ribbons in the bar and reception.

Entertainment space interior design
Facility type: Public facilities
Client: WOOP! Karting
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Year: 2020
Surface area: 2369 m2 (the whole area), 530 m2 (bar, reception, kitchen, observation platform, party rooms, changing room, briefing room, toilet facilities planned by Prostornina)
Photographer: Janez Marolt
Interior design: Nina Galič inter. arch., Ana Jerše univ. dipl. inž. arh., Živa Lutman MFA Design, Tjaša Gerdej dipl. diz.

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Visitors walk down the stairs and enter the public area of the karting arena, where they can relax, socialize and have a snack in the bar. Seats and tables are located above the track so guests can watch the race and cheer. A special elevated on-track platform takes the guest from the bar to the heart of the go-kart action. From the platform, you can access two rooms for private groups that are separated from the energetic experience on the track only by a fence.

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The tunnel with blue lighting creates a feeling of curiosity and takes the visitor from the public area to the karting reception and into the world of adrenaline. The reception is a combination of industrial materials and soft shapes. Behind the counter, there is an illuminated panel with the iridescent colour palette and a logo. The minimalist modern oval light above the reception desk, which resembles the most basic shape of kart track, creates a special dynamic effect.

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From the reception, the visitor continues to the “briefing room”, where he watches the security video. He leaves his personal belongings in the locker room, takes his helmet and sets off on a unique adrenaline experience.

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Upholstery: Kauch
Carpentry: Mizarstvo Jagodic
Metal constructions: Ključavničarstvo Marjan Golob s.p.
Lighting: TEMS US, Intra lighting, KSL STUDIO
Glazing services: KONTO PRO
Karting track: 360 Karting

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